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Apple Fritter Cocktail

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apple fan on whiskey cocktail with cinnamon sticks
Apple Fritter Cocktail

For the last donut cocktail this week, I polled social media and the majority came back with a request for an apple donut, so we’re ending the week with an Apple Fritter Cocktail. I’m secretly pleased because I love fritters. Two apple donuts were mentioned the most, an apple cider donut and an apple fritter. I didn’t find a true apple cider donut since it’s not apple season, so I went with the apple fritter taste. However, since apple cider donuts are more frequently garnished with cinnamon sugar, I went with that for the glass rather than a true donut glaze.

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When I put together this cocktail, I knew I had to use Copper & Kings’ Floodwall American Craft apple brandy. It’s a local product, aged in bourbon barrels, and one I already had in the house. I wanted to pair that with whiskey, and thought bourbon might be the way to go, but using Wilderness Trail’s rye was absolutely the right direction. The rye is sweet and pairs phenomenally with an apple fritter on it’s own. I detect both fruit and nut notes from that whiskey, so the fritter flavors are a natural match. If you’re looking for more whiskey and donut matches, check out the Instagram Account @WhiskyandDonuts because they knock it out of the park.

apple fan on whiskey cocktail with cinnamon sticks
Apple Fritter Cocktail

I did have to use a little cake vodka to get some of the pastry flavor in the cocktail, but what really surprised me while working on it was that I needed a buttery liqueur. To me, the Trader Vic’s macadamia nut liqueur in a very small amount added enough buttery smoothness without too much of the nut flavor peeking through.

In this case, I made a fan of sliced apple next to a little piece of fritter as the garnish and decided to serve it over the rocks rather than neat. As the cocktail dilutes a little more apple and fruit slowly appears, and it loses some of the heat from the whiskey and brandy.

apple fan on whiskey cocktail with cinnamon sticks
Apple Fritter Cocktail

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apple fan on whiskey cocktail with cinna mon sticks

Apple Fritter Cocktail

Picture of Heather Wibbels, Cocktail Contessa, pouring a cocktailHeather Wibbels
Delve into that sticky sweet, fried donut taste with this Apple Fritter Cocktail, featuring rye, apple brandy, reduced apple cider and a tiny bit of cinnamon roll simple syrup. It’s a combination that gives us the apple flavor and nice hit of the baked vanilla notes with the whiskey and apple brandy.
5 from 1 vote
Course Drinks
Cuisine whiskey cocktail
Servings 1


  • 1 oz Wilderness Trail rye whiskey
  • 1 oz Copper and Kings Floodwall aged brandy
  • ½ oz cake vodka
  • ½ oz reduced apple cider*
  • ¼ oz Trader Vic’s macademia nut liqueur
  • ¼ oz Monin’s cinnamon bun syrup
  • 2 dashes apple bitters
  • 8 drops ginger bitters
  • Garnish: apple fan, slice of apple fritter, or cinnamon stick and cinnamon sugar garnish on glass


  • Combine all ingredients except the garnish in a mixing glass. Add ice and stir until well-chilled – about 30 seconds. Strain into a rocks glass garnished with a cinnamon sugar rim and an apple fan. I prefer it on the rocks rather than neat.


*For the reduced apple cider, I put 4 cups of apple cider on a low simmer for about 3 hours until it reduced to 1 cup. You won’t need to add any sugar. It’s plenty sweet enough.
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By on May 9th, 2020
Picture of Heather Wibbels, Cocktail Contessa, pouring a cocktail

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