Bourbon Is My Comfort Food

Cover of the bourbon cocktail book Bourbon is My Comfort Food with a bourbon cocktail garnished with a popsicle and chocolate on the front.

Want to master bourbon cocktails? Learn more about the classic bourbon cocktails and their history? Want to experiment with flavors, base spirits and techniques? You’re in luck because Bourbon Is My Comfort Food: The Bourbon Women Guide to Fantastic Cocktails at Home will answer all those questions and more. This bourbon cocktail book is scheduled for release on May 3, 2022.

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Whiskey drinkers make the best cocktails because they understand implicitly how to evaluate the nose, the mouthfeel, the palate, and the finish on a drink. And because every whiskey drinker wants to share their love of bourbon, rye, and America’s whiskey with others. After all, sometimes the best bourbon is the one shared with a friend.

This bourbon and whiskey cocktail book walks you through how to set up your home bourbon bar, what kinds of whiskies you’ll need, glassware, basic techniques, and more. It also steps you through the bourbon classics like the Old Fashioned, Whiskey Sour, Mint Julep, and Manhattan and explains how the elements work together to create a fabulous cocktail.

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But even though the book is full of recipes from me, Bourbon Women leadership, and our branch members across the country, it also has what I call Cocktail Labs – experiments to explore flavors and pairings in some of those classic whiskey cocktail templates. These experiments help build confidence and experience in finding your own perfect expression of the classics. You get to play with your bourbon.

Christmas Old Fashioned in a rocks glass with an orange and cinnamon stick garnish, surrounded by red fabric and gold ornaments.
Christmas Old Fashioned

For me, it wasn’t enough just to gather recipes, but I also wanted to give readers a foundation and experiments to play with at home. If you think a flight of whiskey is fun, wait until you develop a flight of cocktails!

And for each category of bourbon drink, there are many creative iterations to explore different flavor combinations, different base spirits, different bitters, and more. But most importantly to me, I wanted to make bourbon cocktails approachable and fun. I want to make bourbon cocktails easy and interesting.

Cocktails are the gateway to bourbon, and mastering a few whiskey cocktails to encourage the bourbon curious to fall down the rabbit hole with you is the perfect way to bring more whiskey drinkers to the table. Because as we all know, not everyone starts with a neat pour of bourbon in their hand. But, a fun bourbon cocktail or a sweet pairing with a dessert has a better chance of converting a new bourbon fan.

Raspberry Sour in a coupe glass with foam and raspberry garnish
Raspberry Sour

So if you’re interested in bourbon cocktails but feel overwhelmed or intimidated, this book will walk you through what you need, some of the history of whiskey cocktails, how the cocktail elements fit together and how to make easy cocktails at home that taste fantastic. Because for every bourbon lover I’ve known, I think we all agree, bourbon really is our comfort food.


— Heather