Cocktail Classes

pouring syrup in a mixing glass
The Cocktail Contessa at a Cocktail Demonstration photo by Chris Joyce photography

There’s a huge, intimidating world of cocktail and mixology information out there, but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Building a cocktail can be a fun, rewarding, and tasty adventure, especially when you’ve got the right teacher. 

Let me walk you through the history of a classic whiskey cocktail, like the old fashioned or the Manhattan, awaken your senses to the different elements that make up those drinks, and show you how to go about crafting your own special cocktails. I do all of this on location with you in a small, private cocktail class at your preferred location, whether that’s a home, a friend’s house, or a setting in town while you explore the Bourbon Trail.

a tasting mat with numerous fillled glasses on it
An example of a tasting mat from an Old Fashioned class.

I don’t believe in one perfect cocktail. But I do believe there is a perfect cocktail for each of us. We all have different senses of taste and smell and different histories that make certain tastes and scents memorable to us. Building your perfect cocktail means helping you uncover which scents and tastes express a perfect moment for you. It’s not an event, it’s a journey of discovery and I can get you started.

At the end of the class, you’ll have tasted a classic, experimented with two riffs on it, and have an idea of where you’d like to go for future explorations. Along the way you’ll taste each cocktail multiple times as we build it, giving you a sense for how each element of the cocktail interacts with the others to build the overall drink.

Table covered with glasses and bitters
Table at an Old Fashioned Class

Examples of Classes:
Fashion your Old Fashioned Class – Learn the basics of the old fashioned and two fun experiments on it. We’ll talk about spirits, syrups and sweetners and the importance of garnish.
Make it Mine Manhattan Class – Find out more about this classic cocktail’s history, the importance of vermouth and how to get creative with liqueurs. 
Putting the Smile in your Sour Class – Sours can be intimidating since they’re shaken, not stirred, but fear not, we’ve got an easy way to make and strain cocktails together and spruce up your sour game by playing with the sour element and the sweetener element.

Contact me for pricing information and scheduling. All classes are performed at your location within the Central Kentucky region close to Louisville. There is a minimum class size, but in a cocktail class, it’s always the more the merrier.