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Add some punch to your carajillo with the addition of bourbon, Cardamaro and some pineapple syrup to make a slightly tropical and much more complex variation than coffee and Licor 43 alone.

Bourbon Carajillo

The Carajillo, a spanish cocktail of coffee and liqueur, usually sticks to a lower proof liquor such as Licor 43 or other brandy, but you know I had to make my own whiskey version with this Bourbon Carajillo. This cocktail packs a caffeinated punch with almost two ounces of espresso

ice cream coffee cocktail in a wine glass with chocolate

Bourbon Affogato

Bourbon-ify the easiest summer dessert ever with this Kentucky take on the Italian affogato – a scoop of vanilla ice cream doused with warm espresso and served immediately. Add a bit of bourbon, a smidge of pecan liqueur and you’re on the way to the easiest decadent dessert in your repertoire.